About Our Firm

Exceptional Advice. Outstanding Results.

Curtis Dawe – the oldest independent law firm in Newfoundland and Labrador – provides legal advice to corporate, commercial, government, and individual clients. 

We believe in providing exceptional advice and delivering outstanding results. 

Our clients are as diverse as our areas of practice. We uphold the interests of and advocate for individuals, groups, professions, partnerships, corporations and governments. 

At Curtis Dawe, we share our expertise in a variety of disciplines — please visit our Areas of Practice page for a full list of our firm’s services.

Our Tradition of Excellence

Trust, talent and vision – these qualities have been the hallmark of Curtis Dawe since the firm was founded in 1939 by the Honourable Leslie R. Curtis, Q.C., and Donald W. K. Dawe, Q.C.

The principles that guided our founders — unquestionable ethics and an unwavering commitment to professionalism — remain the beacons that guide our modern practice.

What it means to be independent

Curtis Dawe is an independent law firm and not affiliated in the joint practice of law with any other firms.

Each of our lawyers provide personal service tailored to your specific legal needs, with full control and responsibility for your legal issues.

All consultation is provided and decided within our firm, by lawyers who are located in our St. John’s office. You and your lawyer are able to work together to create a solution to your legal problems in an effective, timely and economical manner.

As the longest-standing independent law firm in Newfoundland and Labrador, Curtis Dawe is committed to serving the people of this province. We pride ourselves on the values that have resulted in the longevity of the firm. Our approach to solutions for our client’s legal issues is based on a comprehensive knowledge of current case law and up to date legal processes. 

The result? Efficient and economical conclusions for our clients.

Our traditions remain top-of-mind as our practice evolves. We are deeply proud of our history — it has brought us to where we are today and it informs every aspect of our future.

At Curtis Dawe, we bring wisdom, stability and excellence to our clients and to our leadership in the legal profession in our province, our country, and beyond.